Empowering Power Productivity

International Center for Energy Competencies (ICEC) is one of the prominent and reliable training and consultancy for energy and power industries. We integrate trending methods and the latest technologies to deliver top-notch services to our clients across the globe. Our presence in UAE offers standard services to leading market players in Power & Utilities Sector, Manufacturing and Production, and International Oil & Gas Companies.

Global clients trust ICEC for their training options and increase work efficiency to deliver the best. We offer physical and online classes for organizations and individuals in all Gulf regions. Our adept team of professionals in training individuals helped us to add more client base and cater for the services that can enhance their businesses and streamline their work approaches.

Technical Training

We are proud to present our refined and advanced high-quality training solutions, designed to empower individuals and organizations in various areas.

On-site Services

We provide range of inspections and field support services.


ICEC Gulf provides consulting services to support clients in dealing with technical disputes involving power generation and thermal process plants, either in the project/construction phase or after Commissioning when the plant is in operation.

“ One of the best courses I have gone through in my professional life”

Maine Ayeza

“Interesting and on point. The instructor was very informative”

Naveen Badhra

“The training emphasized lot of practical points and was very interesting. Really enjoyed it. The knowledge acquired will be very useful”

Fahad Basu

“Amazing explanations and presentation. Was captured into it throughout. Was a very productive time spent”

Jacob Smith

“The course provided significant insights. Very helpful”

Adi Al Numairy

“The lesson today was a fascinating and quite helpful. The instructor at the International Center for Energy Competencies provided clear, sequential, and useful instruction. Looking forward to the next day”

Amy Watson

“It was very easy to understand and very satisfying. Thank you ICEC! Enjoyed it a lot.”

Leksha Patil

“The course is educative and has exposed me to the new trends”

Nehan Saran

“The training was amazing, and I got lot of knowledge on the area that I am working on. It was precise but informative. The instructor was calm and clear. Very good organization for training. Thank you!”

Sarah Rodriguez

“Impressed! Keep up the good work!”

Ben Hugh

“The course content was great and on point. Very productive time spent”

Sultan Bin Sulayem

“The delivery was amazing. The explanations were very clear. Thank you ICEC for organizing such a training”

Khalid Abdullah

“Looking forward to another session. Brilliant course and structure”

John Martin

“It was beyond my expectations. I will recommend it to anyone. Looking forward to the next training”

Hesun Singh

“The course work was easy to understand, and the explanations were done well”

Mohammad Al Albudoor